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My House shall be
a house of prayer for the nations...

- Jesus, Mark 11:17

Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations...

- Jesus, Matthew 28:19

Disciple Nations exists to spread the Supremacy of Christ in the nations by equipping leaders to steward missions of prayer and disciple making. 

Like the two rails on a track, these biblical priorities joined together results in the advancement of missions that brings glory to God.


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An unceasing prayer meeting, held in multiple locations across Wichita and the surrounding cities. 

Presence Worship equips worship leaders spiritually and musically to grow spiritually and musically in partnership with the local church to see a generation of leaders arise to serve on mission.  They do this through a 6 month residency and summer internships.


Following the Friend of Sinners to the lowest part of Wichita to see it transformed by the power of God for His glory.

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A series of teachings to help you get started in both being a disciple of Jesus and making disciples.

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Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel.  - Mark 16


Pressing Onward.  Hastening the Day of His Return.


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World Population w/o Access to the Gospel


# of Churches Jesus is Returning For

(John 17 Unity)

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