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Core Conviction Statements

Disciple Nations

Organizational Acountibility

DN highly values accountability and counsel for the operation of it's mission. There are multiple ways that DN walks out the commitment to these two values both in-organization and out-organization without empowering binding bureaucracy nor political persuasion. 


Inside the organization, DN and it's officers/members, operate under 7 Board of Directors who give counsel and accountability to the overall operations of DN. A Serve Team of 5 members serves the greater DN team pastorally. 


Sam McVay Jr. serves as President and as Mission Team Leader of DN and is accountable to the Board of Directors and Serve Team of which he is a part. Sam is missioned to steward the overall missional mandate of DN nationally and internationally but is not on the financial accounts of the ministry.  Jonathan Brickley serves as Treasurer and Team Financial Director and is accountable to the Board of Directors of which he is a part. 


Members of the DN team are accountable to the Core Convictions. The Core Convictions of DN are the statement of faith, biblical moral standards, and financial integrity.  DN will, though, allow for diverse expressions of ministry that are not contrary to the Core Convictions. Thus, statements or practices that do not contradict the Core Convictions of DN may be made but not necessarily shared by the DN organization. 


Outside of the organization, Disciple Nations has multiple points of counsel and accountability from different leaders in the larger Body of Christ. Whether it is city, state, or international missions of prayer or discipleship -DN utilizes multiple leaders for decision making. The counsel and challenges from leaders outside of DN are indispensable to the execution of the DN mission.

Biblical Moral Standards

Flowing out our biblical Statement of faith, Disciple Nations maintains a value for holiness and integrity both personally and relationally among its members. These standards are found specifically within the 10 Commandments, the Sermon on the Mount, and the teachings of the Apostle Paul. Behavior contradictory to these standards is not only discouraged but will be met with Grace-filled, loving, restorative discipline. This is stewarded within a network of relationships within the DN team. 

Biblical Moral Standards Statement

Financial Integrity

Flowing out of the orthodoxy of our DN statement of Faith and our Biblical DN Moral Standards is a core conviction for Financial Integrity. Because of this we will function under principles of best practices with integrity. 


Team members who receive funds are not on financial accounts. The DN Financial Director and team are accountable to the Board of Directors. Reports are kept and made through the use of Quick Books. An outside accountant is used for counsel and year end filings. The Board of Directors will access and review the comprehensive financial statements of the DN organization.

Donation Integrity

Disciple Nations passes all donations given to the mission field directly to the mission field.  100% of your donation* is passed to the missionary or ministry work you direct it to.  Unlike most organizations that charge a percentage of each donation to cover administrative fees, we purposefully have very minimal overhead and none of our missionaries are charged for any administrative work done on their behalf allowing your donation to reach where it was intended.

*credit card fees are taken by the credit card company before the donation is received by Disciple Nations.  These fees of 2.9% are beyond our control.  To keep these fees low, you can give through e-check (ACH) at a lower 1% processing. through the bank  Likewise, you may choose to cover these credit card/bank processing fees when you make your donation. 

Financial Integrity

The Local Church

Disciple Nations believes that Jesus is the builder of the Church(Mt. 16:18). The Church (Ekklesia) is made up of born-again people who are living stones (1 Peter 2:4-5).  DN supports the many expressions of the Church as long as they are rooted in Biblical orthodoxy. Whether meeting in a home or building, with instruments or without, liturgical or non-liturgical, it is our conviction that the gathering of the saints can manifest in many different ways. DN is a servant to the Church at large in the areas of prayer, discipleship, mission, and unity. 

Local Church
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