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International Missions

Disciple Nations embraces the command of Jesus Christ to make disciples of all people groups and it is one of the two rails our ministry runs on.  

Mobilizing & Sending

There are over 3,000 people groups that are unengaged with the gospel, meaning they don’t have a local church and there are no known missionaries working among them.  Through Trek and Priority 15, Disciple Nations helps raise up workers who go into the Lord's Harvest.  Trek is a Discipleship Training School, in partnership with Multiply.  Priority 15 is a collaborative effort to engage these highly strategic, restricted access areas with the gospel of Jesus Christ for the purpose of making disciples and planting churches.  While separate entities from Disciple Nations, DN missionaries play a lead role in the involvement of Trek and P15 and has launched missionaries into countries from these platforms.

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Where We Serve

Disciple Nations serves on 5 continents.  We want to spread the supremacy of Jesus to "the ends of the earth."  We are continually engaging in new countries and expanding current outposts

Middle East & North Africa (MENA)

Arab people in MENA countries come from multiple tribes and have several dialects of language, but share one religion, Islam.  Christians make up less than 2% of nearly all MENA countries and are therefore, unreached with the gospel.  Disciple Nations has many missionaries serving in MENA countries for the purpose of spreading the supremacy of Christ among the unreached.  Today, the fields are white for harvest with many Muslims surrendering their lives to Jesus Christ as Lord and believing in the triune God.


Muslim World Missions

Several Disciple Nations missionaries work in the MENA region.  They help lead evangelistic efforts, disciple making movements, prayer movements, walk alongside indigenous believers, and help pastors stay encouraged and keep the plumb-line of Christ.

Missionaries also work with the increasing refugee and displaced populations to bring the hope of Jesus Christ through presence-based discipleship, an approach that has found much success in developing love-filled disciples of Jesus Christ.

Come & See Online Missions

Former Muslim Nasser al'Qahtani trains new Christians across the Arab world to follow Jesus in their community, even when it often means persecution.  He runs a youtube channel with a livestream every Tuesday and dozens of Bible teachings cataloged on the channel.  He also leads a local gathering of believers once a week called Come and See Church.

Vision 9 (V9)

This DN work is headed by Peter Romans (a pseudonym), who has been commissioned to “preach the Gospel where Christ is not yet known” to nine Muslim nations in MENA countries.  Peter was given three separate dreams in which the Lord appeared and spoke to him and showed him maps of nine nations to which He was sending Peter.

Because access into these countries is restricted, Peter became a medical doctor to serve the various people groups whom he and his fellow workers are commissioned to reach with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus told us that “this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all ethnos (Greek for “people groups”), and then the end will come” (Mt. 24:14 ESV). Many of the remaining people groups on the planet who have never heard the gospel live in these countries. We welcome your partnership in reaching and discipling these precious peoples as we lay the only foundation that should be laid among them, which is Jesus Christ.

Prayer Missions

Prayer and Mission are married.  Therefore, sending missionaries to pray for people groups in the location where the people group is located is how the seed of the gospel gets sown.  It tills hard soil into good soil so the seed of the gospel will take root and yield 30, 60 and 100 fold what was sown (see Matt. 13:1-23).  Disciple Nations missionaries have prayed in and through multiple countries and have seen the fruit come from such effort. 


In addition, our desire to start and support houses of prayer in nations that are a catalyst for ongoing prayer in locations that are unreached with the gospel.

Mission Partners & Unity

Disciple Nations partners with multiple other organizations (that we are purposefully not listing for security reasons) because we recognize that we do not have it all, nor does anyone else.  We can all work together for the sake of the gospel and everyone experiences increase when working side by side.  We also see value in the Church being unified and the witness it brings when brothers dwell together in unity.

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