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Prayer Initiatives

Disciple Nations embraces prayer as a central ministry in accomplishing
the discipleship of all nations.  It is one of the two rails our ministry runs on. 

Pentagon of Prayer - Full.png

The Pentagon of Prayer is 5-fold strategy of prayer that is centered on Jesus... His presence, His great commission, and His prayer (The Lord's Prayer).  We use militant terms because prayer is powerful and effective [James 5] and because we are engaged in a spiritual battle that requires spiritual weapons [Eph 6:12].  We use the Lord's Prayer as a consistent structure in our approach to prayer, not out of legalism, but utilizing it's themes to keep us focused and in the Lord's will as we pray. 


The 5 areas of prayer and highlighted on this page below.

Day & Night Prayer & Worship

We will not accomplish this massive calling without a persevering faith-filled ministry of prayer.  Disciple Nations supports and help start day and night pervasive prayer meetings across the world.   These are often referred to as prayer rooms, but they may or not be open to the public, and not all are open 24/7.


Prayer on South Broadway

Following the Friend of Sinners to the lowest part of Wichita to see it transformed by the power of God for His glory.  

There is a weekly prayer and worship time as well as evangelism.

lords prayer app.jpg

The Lord's Prayer App

We have broken the Lord's Prayer into it's 7 themes, one for each day of the week.  These themes are a means to praying through the Lord's prayer, but also a unifying agent in the various places and ways people pray. 

There are many ways to pray and none are wrong.  But if we are honest, our prayers can lack focus... or even be self-focused.


Every Rabbi had a way that he taught his disciples to pray, so when Jesus was asked by His disciples how to pray, He gave them a means to pray that not only helps keep their prayers in focus, but moves us through the things that matter to God and set our hearts for worship.  This prayer is a means to a vibrant prayer life when we being to pray like this, not repeating it over and over, but allowing the heart behind it to become our heart cry also.  This prayer has become the foundation that many of our prayer meetings jump off from. 

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