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Local Missions

Jesus Christ commanded us to proclaim the gospel in all creation.  We do not need to travel far to do it, it is a close as our own children or across the street.  Disciple Making is one of the two rails our ministry runs on. 

What is a Disciple?
What is Discipleship?
Isaiah 61 Outreaches
US Outreach to Muslims
Neighborhood Missions
Individual Disciple-Making

Isaiah 61 Mission Outreaches

Isaiah 61 is the Scripture Jesus read about Himself when handed the scroll in Luke 4:18.  It is also what he referrenced to John the Baptist in response to his question if Jesus was "the One."  Jesus compassion for the broken, hurting, and imprisoned led Him to be near them, heal and set them free.   Being near the poor, abused, and exploited and proclaiming the gospel is what naturally comes when our hearts have been near Jesus. 


Broadway Street Ministry

A section of town with open air drug use and prostitution, the mission work on Broadway is pray for transformation from the Broad way to the Narrow Way, which few find.  Serving first through prayer, the team is sharing the gospel and making disciples through relational evangelism... such as eating with those who live outside, making lasting friendships, and holding outdoor worship gatherings in the park.  Some of the Broadway team works on Broadway, while others regularly visit. 

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Ministry to Women in
Strip Clubs & Brothels

Oppression can take many forms, but for women working in the "adult service" industry, they are both oppressed by using their bodies as objects in return for money.  We have a team of female missionaries who will regularly enter these places and minister to the women working inside.  They build relationship and make friends with the ladies, they share the gospel often, and in several cases have helped women walk away and start new lives doing honest work. 

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Mission Partners

Disciple Nations has team members leading, serving or working alongside the following local mission organizations.

Young Life
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