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Disciple-Making 101

Teachings from the DN Toolbox

Discipleship Revolution:  A Grassfire Multiplication of Disciples

A disciple is a Spirit-transformed, whole-hearted follower of Jesus Christ, who multiplies. Sam gives a powerful exhortation that we are all called to be discipled and to make disciples, who will then go forth and make disciples of others.

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Jesus' Method of Discipleship is Our Model to Follow

Each member of the church is called to be a kingdom expressing disciple and to make kingdom expressing disciples in the earth. Jesus himself is the chief model of how we are to make disciples.

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The Spirit's Call to Discipleship & Warning About the Cost

The Holy Spirit is re-awakening the call to discipleship in the Church and in the earth. At the same time the Holy Spirit is warning the church about the cost of discipleship.

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Discipleship is Knowing the Holy Spirit as Lord

Going beyond merely knowing the Holy Spirit as “Gifter” and “Scripture Teacher” to knowing Him as the Living Lord.

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The Gospels as Our Discipleship Manual

The gospels are the first and best discipleship manuals ever written. They are best understood in the context of discipleship.

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Baptism in the Holy Spirit:  The Power for Discipleship

If Jesus is the focus of discipleship, the Holy Spirit is the power for discipleship. Sam walks through many scriptures showing the power and boldness that accompanies the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

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