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James & Stephanie

United States & International

James and Stephanie are missionaries serving locally and abroad. They desire to see Christ glorified and lives transformed into the image of Christ through disciple-making, shepherding leaders, and walking alongside the broken.

Traveling regularly, James and Stephanie serve internationally primarily in the MENA region (Middle East & N. Africa) but also have assignments in Southeast Asia. Their work includes walking alongside indigenous believers in the Muslim world to disciple them to love Christ deeply and consequently trust and obey Him in their daily lives. From this place of intimacy, they equip them to make disciples who make disciples, and for some, to lead healthy churches comprised of Muslim-background believers (MBB). They believe teaching those who are of the same culture to make disciples and lead churches that represent their own people is the best way to reach a group with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With the heart of shepherds, they also walk alongside believers working internationally to strengthen and encourage them on a regular basis.

Prayer is a central part of their ministry. They teach disciples to develop know Christ personally through prayer and know the voice of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit, while simultaneously helping develop a corporate culture of prayer in the larger body of Christ.

Locally in the US, they are actively involved in many of the same things. They come alongside disciples, leading them to be people of prayer, and walk in obedience to the person of Christ who go into their homes, workplaces, and nations being disciples who make disciples. Stephanie, in particular, has been called to broken women. As a licensed counselor, she spends much of her time caring for those in broken situations, especially those from human-trafficking and prostitution and leading them to true freedom in Jesus Christ. It was through her call to the women that James and the family stepped out of pastoral ministry into mission work.

James also is part of the Disciple Nations Serve Team, a group focused on team care and team dynamics, where James gives oversight to international missions work and mobilizes and trains new missionaries to “Go therefore into all the world.” James and Stephanie have been in ministry for nearly 25 years serving in para-church organizations and pastoral ministry in the local church. They see the value of serving Jesus as a family, therefore, their three children, ages 16, 13, and 10, join them in this call by traveling to the Middle East and serving locally together.

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