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Brad & Hannah Bankston

United States

We began answering Jesus’ call to discipleship in July 2018, after many years of resisting His leadership. Learning how to submit to His authority in every aspect of our lives has led to a natural progression of learning how to be disciple makers. Learning how to be disciple makers has led us to a newfound love for the bride of Christ, His Church. The phrase “from one tribe but for all tribes” resounds loudly in our hearts.

We long to see a Church that is united across the city and suburbs of Denver, Colorado. A Church where it is normal for someone to be walking intimately with Jesus daily. Not a building, organization or membership, but individuals who are overflowing with His love, life, light, and peace.

Only God can accomplish this, and we want to become experts at knowing His will, submitting to His leadings, and accomplishing His work. We specifically feel called to first responders and their families and are privileged to serve and minister in the police and fire community.

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