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Khurram Anthoni

United States & International

Khurram Anthani born into a Christian home in Pakistan, he lived a nominal Christian life until advancing into college, where his faith was challenged by Muslims. Feeling tempted by offers that were made for him to leave the faith, Khurram began to investigate his beliefs and others to find the right way. After discovering who Jesus is (John 14:6), Khurram also discovered God’s desire for him to spread the Gospel to his Muslim friends in the college--which continued to evolve and lead him into the ministry he is a part of today.

Khurram is currently teaching Bible studies; seminars; Bible camps and he is preaching in churches as well. He is currently working as a translator and recently completed translating a book, The Young Theologians by Darryl Riden, from English to Urdu. Khurram is also reaching many Urdu speaking Muslims by translating articles for a Christian apologetics website
He influenced by two verses for his ministry Acts 1:8, Matthew 24:14

Khurram's Vision for Ministry:
Transformation of people, Faith communities, Church and Nations, using the teaching of "Jesus Christ as the Example”

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