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John & Julie Anderson

Middle East

Having met for the first time at a worship event, our desire is and always has been to worship the Lord; to be the found worthy of the calling of our Father’s true worshipers, who worship Him in spirit and in truth. We also feel a tremendous calling as encouragers in the kingdom to the many spheres the Lord gives to us. This most often includes new/er believers. We adore Jesus, and the simplicity and power of the gospel ALONE that teaches us, and these disciples, to know Jesus intimately and to obey all He has commanded.

The Lord has given Julie a heart that beats to serve women currently in and coming out of human trafficking, prostitution, and also serving refugees. She serves in many capacities, but her favorite is spending time one on one with these ladies listening to the voice of the Lord. Teaching them to know the Lord’s voice and presence, and the freedom and healing only Jesus can bring!

John’s heart beats to many different rhythms. Coming from a background of media, he has served in ministries creating films, but he also has been blessed to see movements of prayer and disciple making in Austin, India, Japan, and Wichita. The Lord compels John’s heart to go share the gospel in the harvest, equip believers to do the same, and shepherd these new/er believers. Above any of the amazing things he has seen the Lord do, his ultimate desire is to know Jesus.

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