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Grace Gifts

Teachings from the DN Toolbox

Gifts, Services, & Workings

1 Corinthians 12:4-7 shows the divine order of Jesus building the Church, in contrast to what Man builds. When we develop our gifts and partner with other giftings, the life of Christ is manifest on earth.

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Cooperating Gifts

There is nothing more fun than fellowship with God and dispensing His grace in partnership with those who have different gifts. If we avoid envy, insecurity, independence, and division, then we will enjoy the manifest life of Christ in our midst.

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War Over Spiritual Gifts & Our Stand with the Body

The enemy is attacking specifically the manifestation of Christ through you. Therefore, much of the warfare is to quench your giftings. We war with intentional, incarnational life with the Body of Christ, active spiritual discernment, and active exercising of our gifts.

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