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Chuck & Sharon Urban

United States

Chuck and Sharon enjoy ministering unto the Lord God Almighty, the Audience of One, through worship and intercession at Jesus House of Prayer. They enjoy training and equipping others in worship and intercession and also encouraging worship birthed out of the secret, intimate place with Jesus, which becomes a fragrant offering of love before Jesus’ throne. They love to intercede for Jesus to have His inheritance in every nation, tribe, language and people (Psalm 2:7-8) and stand for God’s promises for Israel (Isaiah 62). They are praying for 24/7 worship and prayer to arise in Wichita, Kansas, inspired by King David who established 24/7 worship before the Lord (1 Chr. 6:31-33; 15:16-22; 23:4-6, 25:7). Jesus is worthy of all our praise!

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