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Dylan & Bailey Rose

United States

“Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.”
–Proverbs 24:11

This scripture has been a major theme in our lives. We have always believed we were created to be missionaries in the darkest corners of the world. We are excited to step into this calling as cyber missionaries. We are going to one of the darkest places, the internet to be be a light. We are launching a streaming channel on mixer called SptLght. The world needs to see Jesus. Live video game streaming is an incredibly huge platform to put the SptLght on Jesus.

We are also very passionate about restoration of the fatherless. We are investing our lives in those who do not have the love of an earthly father. Showing the love of our Heavenly Father to the abandoned and brokenhearted is an important part of how we invest our time.

We deeply desire for people to know the love and grace of God. We not only want to have a community that rescues the lost, but one that also encourages and equips the believer for every good work in love.
We greatly appreciate your prayer and financial support.

Please follow me on Mixer, Instagram and Facebook under the name SptLght, thanks!

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