Chris & Julia McGathy

United States

Chris, Julia, Kyleigh (13), Katelyne (12) and Tanner (10) and adopted son (>1yr)We have moved to Wichita from El Dorado, KS to follow the Lord on the streets. From the homeless to the prostitute. From the pimp to the John, cults and open doors to neighbors and nations. Our primary calling is street ministry and our desire is to see the afflicted and oppressed set free in Christ. To witness and disciple and work with our brothers and sisters in Christ (like you) to see Gods kingdom established here in Wichita!!

We need your help to press forward! Our number 1 need is prayer and our second need is financial support. We would be honored if you would consider joining us in this war! We love you all and thank you!!

Our mission is to: Establish the kingdom rule and reign of Jesus on earth through discipleship.
Display the light and life of Jesus threw the planting and watering of seeds through discipleship and evangelism. To live and interact with people creating redemptive communities that spread.
To create a faith community that Biblically puts others before self and Christ above all, through the sharing of everything.

Chris and Julia currently live in Wichita where they are now actively living as full time missionaries. Chris has just recently quit his job as a Firefighter to follow the calling God has placed on their lives. They want to follow the calling Jesus has given them by the planting and watering of seeds (spreading the Gospel and Discipleship). They desire to serve the Lord with their 3 children, Kyleigh (10), Katelyne (9), and Tanner (7) in larger cities by making disciples and creating redemptive communities.

Several months ago Chris received a word from the Lord that his season at the Fire Department was over. He didn’t know what initially lay ahead, but he knew quitting was the right thing to do. He took this word to his wife and they prayed over it. Shortly after, they met with several brothers and sisters in the faith who, when they mentioned a vacation to Florida and their route, told them that they should pray about seeing missionaries in Houston and visit them on their way. God revealed a small glimpse of what the great commission was like and they wanted to commit to this life.

If you want them to share in person this journey or just have questions feel free to call them
at (316)­452­5020 or send them an email at or