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Tony & Tonia Burk

United States

We are Tony & Tonia Burk, we have been married 32 years and have 5 children. Since our marriage we have been on a long spiritual pilgrimage, little by little, step by step, into a more clear understanding of the love of the Father. Some steps have been beautiful, some hard. Some we’ve made hard by disobedience, clinging to religion, and operating out of fear. Ultimately, God in his great mercy has led us into a greater revelation and understanding of who he is and his great love for us! Today we walk more fully in the presence and power of the Lord and his Holy Spirit. We understand our identity as his children and operate out of a more intimate place.

In the last several years we have walked through adoption, advocating for and serving kids in foster care, those who come from broken places, or carry an orphan spirit. In our pursuit of this, God has revealed to us much of our brokenness, go figure.

God is certainly continuing to grow us daily and increase our faith, he is faithful to complete what he has begun. We desire to know Jesus more fully and declare his supremacy to our neighbors, community and beyond.

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