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Teachings from the DN Toolbox

Righteousness & Justice:  The Foundation of God's Throne

A Biblical survey of righteousness (right relationship) and justice (setting right what is wrong) from Genesis to Revelation in the context of God’s Kingdom coming on earth as it is heaven. The righteous God loves justice, does justice, commands that we do it, judges when we don’t, and characterizes repentance by doing justice. Christ is the One thrusting justice to victory through His death, resurrection, and Second Coming. The only ones to benefit eternally from His justice are those who had become His disciples. Through faith in Christ, we have right relationship with God. We have the Spirit of the righteous, justice-winning Christ in us to manifest His Kingdom by doing righteousness, proclaiming justice, and establishing justice for the glory of God in the preeminence of Jesus.

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Deadly Water

Facts about the one-billion-person water crisis and ministries bringing justice for the glory of God in Christ. I encourage you to poke around Living Water International ( and Water Missions International ( for many great facts, photos, and videos. But if you only watch one video, I recommend this below.


Facts about the one-billion-person hunger crisis and ministries bringing justice for the glory of God in Christ (the links to ministries’ websites, photos, and videos included in notes).

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42 million babies are aborted every year worldwide. We are commanded to rescue those led away to death, expose the works of darkness, and persuade hearts and minds with grace and truth. Life begins at conception. It is the beginning of God through Christ forming, fashioning, and knitting together an Image prepared before the foundation of the world for His glory.

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The Persecuted  Church

Over 100 million Christians are persecuted in more than 45 countries around the world. 40,000 Christians are brutally murdered for their faith each year. We are directed to pray for them (Heb. 13:3, 1 Cor. 12:26, Lk. 18:1-8). Links in the notes to ministries who track persecution, provide mercy, and seek justice.

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Orphans & The Fatherless

Over 16 million children in the world have lost both parents. 500,000 children are in the U.S. foster care system. Scriptures to encourage everyone to pray about incarnation the Gospel by adoption like God adopted us. Links in the notes to ministries who are caring for orphans, providing immediate care, sharing the cost of adoption, and mentoring the fatherless.

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Slavery & Human Trafficking

There are 27-30 million slaves in the earth today – more than any time in history. Millions are labor slaves, working 12-16 hours/day with litlte food, no medical treatment, horrible conditions, often being abused. Millions, even children, are sex slaves, being raped for money 20-30 times/day. Links in the notes to ministries raising awareness, rescuing and restoring victims, and prosecuting perpetrators.

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1.4 billion people live on less than $1.25 per day. Poverty is often at the root of all of these other injustices. We cannot address only the fruit of those injustices without addressing root causes that would continue the cycle of injustice. Also, poverty is an issue that gets a significant amount of attention in the Scriptures from the God who cares for the poor and commands us to manifest His goodness and glory.

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Being Disciples Who Obey Everything, Especially The Weightier Matters

Justice missions are not separate from the Great Commission. Teaching the commands to do acts of mercy and justice – and modeling it ourselves – are part of making disciples who obey everything Jesus commanded. Doing justice is not optional. Jesus commanded that we love neighbors as ourselves with the kind of self-sacrificial mercy the Samaritan showed to the man on the Jericho Road.

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