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Foundation Classes

DN Toolbox

The Glory of the Bible

Reading and relating with the God-Breathed and infallible words from God to the Church.

Unpacking the Creation Story

Diving Deep into Genesis 1 & 2, finding Jesus, the gospel, and a map of human history.

Eden & The Fall: The Genesis 3 Tragic Fall & Prophetic Proclamation

In “This Age” God’s image bearing partners fell into sin after the strategic attack of Satan.
How they fell is helpful for empowering us in spiritual warfare today.

From Abraham to Christ

This week we are covering 2000 years from Abraham to Christ.

The Church

Jesus has prophesied in Mt. 16:17-19 that He was going to build His Ekklesia upon the rock of revelation and faith in Him.

Eschatological Desire and Engagement

The coming global revolution & our part in it. A Study in the End Times

Defining the Age

The Meta-Narrative Kingdom story of this Present Age before the Age to Come.

The Anatomy and Commission of Man

Going deep into the image-bearers make up and global commission in Genesis 1:26-28.

From Adam to Abraham

A 2000 Year Journey from Chaos to Covenant

The Gospels

The birth, ministry, death, and resurrection of the Messiah.


Paul: The sovereignly chosen interpreter of Christ and His Church

For such a time as this

Discerning our times and our place in Church history.

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