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End Times

Teachings from the DN Toolbox

The Second Coming:  The Ultimate Prophecy

The return of the King to rule on earth for eternity is the dominant theme of the Scriptures, alongside faith. Sam lists its facts and the signs of our times. This blessed hope should revolutionize our lives as we long for His appearing.

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The Supreme Prophet's Prophecy of the End

In Matthew 24, Jesus described seven stages in the transition of this age into His Kingdom. We must prepare ourselves to not be offended or fall away, so we can agree with His end-time plan and hasten it. The labor pains will be worth it.

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As in the Days of Noah

More on Matthew 24. The second coming of Christ will be like Noah’s flood surprising those living the party life, building their own kingdoms for their families. We must tear down the idols of gluttony and entertainment, seek first Jesus’ Kingdom, and pursue revelation of His end-times plan. We should understand the season of His return and events leading up to it.

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The End Times According to Paul

A comprehensive look at the Apostle Paul’s teachings on the second coming of Christ, listing 15 points from 3 central passages. The end times will be our greatest hour on earth in this age!

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Introduction to the Book of Revelation

Background and overview to help believers in their own study. The enemy lies that we’ll only get confused, but Jesus promises blessing to those who read it, hear it, and take it to heart.

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Jesus' Counsel to the Seven Churches

The fullness of Revelation 2-3 is to prepare the Church to overcome through endurance and faithfulness so as to inherit privileges in His coming Kingdom.

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What Must Take Place After this

An overview of the structure and contents of Revelation 5-22 and a summation of this end times series. Jesus is coming back at the Seventh Trumpet to destroy all His enemies and to rule the earth forever with overcoming saints. We will be protected from God’s wrath, but we will receive the wrath of the enemy. Yet victory is the guaranteed outcome. Let us detach from this age and prepare ourselves for His coming.

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This sermon references a powerfully true letter by Corrie Ten Boom in 1974, which can be read here.

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